Historical information

Frank Millett and his nephew Hopper Cahill are the two people standing by the building after spending the day shooting rabbits in 1922. They are standing in front of the Aitkens Gap Police Barracks. In the 1860s the gaol and stables were sold to George Millett and added to the Millett property. The Barracks and the new farm homestead were built by Mick Morrison. The Bald Hill Hotel at Aitkens Gap on the Bendigo Road (Calder Highway) was guilt by George Millett in 1854 and functioned until the gold began to run out after the Victorian Gold Rush of the 1850s. The Millett family continued to farm until 1967. The family also and operated hotels in the local area.

Physical description

A black and white photograph backed onto a white board of a man and a child holding some dead rabbits and standing in front of the doorway of a bluestone building.