Physical description

A brown leather wallet containing a copy of the Australian Soldiers' Pocket Book. This book was given to soldiers and other servicemen during WW2. This pocket book has a bright red cover and contains details of relevant information considered useful to serving service personnel.

Publication type


Inscriptions & markings

The front cover of the book "THE AUSTRALIAN SOLDIERS' POCKET BOOK"


The Australian Soldier's Pocket Book was a small publication with a red cover. It was designed to offer useful information to Australian Soldiers, serving at home and abroad during World War 2. The book was a gift from the A.C.F. (Australian Comforts Fund) and was revised several times during the war. It contained approximately 125 pages of facts and helpful hints. The Australian Soldier's Pocket Book was originally compiled and issued in Victoria by the Victorian R.S.L. War Service Fund. It's contents included 'rules and regulations' and other content which varied according to the date of print. For example, this edition contained articles titled "The Laws And Customs Of War" and "Things a Soldier Should Know".