Historical information

The Boyds brought this vitamiser from their Camberwell home. Mandie Boyd, Robin and Patricia's eldest daughter, has very vivid memories of this gadget. "It made everything from milkshakes for us to mayonnaise, stuffing for chicken, soups, but especially I remember Robin in the kitchen using it to make daiquiris, endless ice, rum and lemon juice crushed and blended in the good old Vitamiser. He was wearing an amazing pale grey suit. American fabric beautifully cut, must have been synthetic, and had flecks of a darker grey through it, sounds hideous and was “of the time”. His American cotton business shirts were also beautifully tailored, with loads of room to move your arms unlike the daggy Aussie shirts."

Physical description

"Semak" Vitamiser, with a white plastic base, with 'on/off' switch at front of base. 4 black holders. Glass jug with black plastic lid. Black power cord. 3 black rubber stoppers at base.

Inscriptions & markings

SN 7-81. 50 CYCLE 240v 120W