Historical information

Robin Boyd was involved in creating several TV series for the ABC University of the Air. 'Design in Australia' was an eight part series. (Items D184-D193 contain all the manuscripts except part six titled 'Communications'.) In Part 7, Boyd begins by discussing the difference in cities, including age, population density and colours across Australia, Europe and America. Boyd discusses individual streets compared to the whole city and how the two are ultimately different and unique. He remarks that in Australia, the word 'city' is used to mean the whole 'complex' of city and suburbs, "a pattern reflecting free personal spending and yet a tight public purse". Boyd references Canberra as the Australian domestic dream come true. "Canberra is genuine Australian". He notes that the making of cities is not just a question of money. It's a question of priorities.


This is a draft script for the ABC television program 'University of the Air', subtitled 'Design in Australia', broadcast in 1965.

Physical description

Typewritten (c copy), foolscap, 13 pages