Historical information

There are three parts: (i) A letter from Hector Crawford to Robin Boyd (8 December 1959) confirming agreement regarding production rights, profits and use of Robin Boyd's invention of the 'Sound Illustrator', plus a letter from Clement Hack and Co (Patent Attorneys) to Hector Crawford (10 December 1959), confirming lodgment of Patent Application for ‘Sound Illustrator’ in the joint names of Robin Boyd and Hector Crawford Productions. (ii) a document 'Specification of Patent Application' (7 December 1959) provides a detailed description of its operation (five pages).The invention is an "apparatus for producing synchronised audio-visual effects" (iii) Penleigh Boyd, Robin Boyd's son, has provided an explanatory illustration of the apparatus.


The South Illustrator was designed by Robin Boyd for the presentation of The Flying Dogtor television series.

Physical description

Typewritten, foolscap, 5 pages includes covers, plus additional explanation of apparatus.

Inscriptions & markings

The letter (i) is countersigned 'Confirmed Dec 9, R.' in Robin Boyd's handwriting.