Historical information

This medal was conferred posthumously as Robin Boyd died in 1971. In 1973, Patricia Boyd travelled to the American Institute of Architects Convention in San Francisco, to receive the AIA's Architecture Critics Medal on behalf of her late husband. She gave an acceptance speech at this event.

Physical description

Certificate from The American Institute of Architects, with crest, conferring 1973 Architecture Critics' Medal on Robin Boyd. Signed by the President, F. Scott Ferebee Jr, and Secretary, Hilliard J. Smith Jr. It is in a perspex frame.

Inscriptions & markings

The American Institute of Architects is honored to confer the 1973 Architecture Critics' Medal on Robin Boyd. Distinguished creator as well as critic of architecture, Robin Boyd was passionately devoted to the ideal of what the human environment - particularly that most intimate environment, the home - could be. His writing could be pitiless, because he hated the cheap, the shoddy, the ugly around us. But more than most critics, he was able to empathize with us fellow professionals as they struggled to solve what he called "the puzzle of architecture'. May 1973. Signed by President and Secretary.