Historical information

Thiss paper contains details of the purchase of Lot 11 in the Township of Allansford in 1864. The purchaser, Isabella McQueen, was born in Scotland in 1814, married Alexander McQueen in 1850 and with her family migrated to Australia in 1854. After her husband's death in 1860 Isabella purchased the land in Frank Street, Allansford in 1864 and lived in a house there with family members until her death in 1895. She had purchased the land, via an agent, from John Allan who with his brothers were the pioneer European settlers in the Allansford area. John Allan had created the township of Allansford in the mid 1850s by sub-dividing the land he owned there. John Allan moved to the Gippsland area late in 1864.


This scrap of paper is most significant as it is an original record of an early transaction in the history of Allansford, a town now part of Warrnambool City.