Historical information

This pamphlet was published by the Army Survey Regiment as an overview of the Royal Australian Survey Corps (RASvy), its role and unit structure circa 1991, prior to RASvy’s disbandment in 1996. The pamphlet comprehensively detailed the eight steps of topographic map production: Establish Survey Control, Aerial Photography, Aerotriangulation, Stereoplotting, Field Verification, Cartography, Printing and Storage/Map Distribution. Leading technologies used by RA Svy in 1991 included GPS control surveys, 5 colour printing on the Speedmaster offset press and bulk map packaging using the Map Handling Station (with guillotine). Digital map production was operating on the AUTOMAP 2 system, before the “Newheart” system upgrade two years later. Printed on the pamphlet cover was a portion of the plane tabled “four inches to a mile” map of Newcastle. This was compiled and surveyed in 1910 by LCPL A. Barrett, a member of the RAE Detachment, as part of the first major topographic mapping effort of Australia.

Physical description

This is a Royal Australian Survey Corp pamphlet with a historical map printed in colour on cardboard on both sides of the cover. There are 16 pages printed in colour on gloss paper, with photos, diagrams and descriptions. The pamphlet is bounded by two staples on its spine.