Historical information

.2) Photo, It is not clear whether this soldier is either; Leonard James Kennedy Myers No 593 KIA or William Henry Myers No 594 both B Coy 38th Bn. Refer Cat No’s 5062.2P & 5060P for details.
The other Soldiers are unknown and most likely 38th BN,

Physical description

Five post card photos all B&W rectangular shape. Most have been stuck on newspaper and any names have been near totally obscured.
.1) Soldier with peak cap clear background writing on front.
.2) Soldier standing section of photo missing, studio background.
.3) Soldier with peak cap & bandolier
.4) Soldier with peak cap in oval shape, pieces missing.
.5) Soldier standing hands behind back, white background.

Inscriptions & markings

.1) Hand written, “Sincerely yours Lochie”, stamped, “Bartlett Bros Bendigo”
.5) Hand written, “Albert Ma..lol..”