Historical information

Ned Ryan was a local resident and former shearer who became a permanent resident and then green keeper. He was a valued member of the club and was the father of the current green keeper, Hugh Ryan. This event was created in his memory in 2003.
The Honour Board was donated by Mr D. W. Rogers (David but always known as Bill) who was a long time summer resident of the town. He replaced Rod Calvert as a trustee, when Rod passed away.
2003 M. Ryan 26 pts, 2004 D. Manderson 27 pts, 2005 R. Joyce 26 pts, 2006 K. Heffernan 28 pts.
2007 S. Baundinette 26 pts, 2008 D. Manderson 27 pts, 2009 L. Beer 25 pts, 2010 K, Moore 30 pts,
2011 M. Hammond 25 pts, 2012 R. Chirnside 25 pts, 2013 M. Campbell 28 pts, 2014 M. Campbell 28
pts, 2015 M. Bowden 25 pts, 2016 D. Calvert 26 pts. 2017 R. Hills 21 pts, 2018 R. Beggs 22 pts, 2019
M. Carlin 27 pts, 2020 W. Couch 24 pts, 2021 K. Robertson 21 pts, 2022 B. (Rebecca) Manifold 23 pts


It is significant because Ned was such a valued member and the annual event continues in his memory.

Physical description

Wooden Honour board with individual engraved plaques listing the date and score of each winner, from 2003 onward.

Inscriptions & markings

Peterborough Golf Club "Ned's Nine" In Fond Memory of H.W. (Ned) Ryan. Donated by Mr D. W. Rogers