Historical information

These 5 soldiers enlisted in the 38th BN at various times pre embarkation and were all Sgt’s at embarkation on 20.6.1916, all embarked for France on 22.11.1916.
Cyril Sutherland McPherson No 938 age 23 years C Coy, promotions CSM then 2nd Lieutenant, WIA 22.10.1917 GSW Chest & Leg severe, appointed in AIF terminated 5.4.1918 medically unfit.
Garrett Ernest Fitzgerald No 874 C Coy age 22 years, WIA 30.1.1917 Concussion Slight, appointed 2nd Lieutenant, WIA 29.5.1917 GSW right arm & right leg severe, rejoin unit, appointment terminated 23.12.1918.
Thomas Herbert Blair No 815 C Coy age 18 years, promotions CSM then 2nd Lieutenant, WIA 28.5.1917 GSW right Buttock, DOW’s 28.5.1917.
Glanfield Keith Emonson No 543 B Coy age 21 years, appointed 2nd Lieutenant, WIA 9.12.1916 GSW Head and Right Thorax severe, awarded “MC” 8/9th. 12.1916, appointment terminated 22.6.1917.
Aubrey Rupert Edwards Wilson No 670 B Coy age 23 years, gets into trouble and reduced to Pte, transfers to 39th BN 15.3.1917, he is WIA later on.

Physical description

Photo B & W showing a ship in harbour pasted onto a cream coloured cardboard background, a slight raised area around the photo, 6 names have been written on the card board.

Inscriptions & markings

“K.G.Emonson Sgt, T.H.Blair, A.R.E.Wilson Sgt, G.E.Fitzgerald Sgt, Cyril S McPherson”