Historical information

Articles featuring local Eltham mudbrick houses designed by Robert Marshall, Alistair Knox, etc and landscape bush gardens by Gordon Ford
• “At Home with the Browns”, pp114-116
‘Cherrytrees’, home of Margaret and Neil Brown, originally built in 1917 for eminent Collins Street surgeon, Dr. Kent-Hughes.
• “The Mud Brick homes of Eltham”, pp148-149
References to Alistair Knox and Robert Marshall
• “Mudbrick Collecting”, pp150-155
Features a Robert Marshall designed home built by Barry Wild and Geoff Williams
• “Mudbrick sophistication”, pp156-158
Features a Robert Marshall designed home with Gordon Ford landscape garden
• “It grew like topsy”, pp160-162
originally designed by Alistair Knox then extended upon
• “A love of the environment”, pp163-164
Features artist and local Councillor Jenni Mitchell’s mudbrick cottage designed by Bohdan (Danny) Kuzyk with influences of Alistair Knox
• “Build your own muddy”. Pp165-167
• “Pioneer of bush gardens; Gordon Ford and his no mowing no weeding approach”, pp174-177

Physical description

Digital scan files only of 23 pages from magazine on temporary loan featuring multiple articles: