Historical information

Aerial photographs of Montmorency Shopping Village with a central focus on the former Montmorency Theatre and Bingo Hall situated at 41-43 Werte Street.

In 1993 Eltham Shire Council issued a permit to Michael Muzur, Terry Lant and Andrew McMillan to redevelop the former Montmorency Theatre/Bingo Hall at 41-43 Were Street as an alcohol-free youth entertainment centre. Ron McCormack, retired former JP on behalf of 41 Joint Appellants consisting of local residents and traders successfully lobbied the community and won an Appeal to have the permit cancelled as unsuitable development. The Administrative Appeal Tribunal found that the proposed development came withing the Eltham Planning Scheme definition of an 'amusement parlour' and that the playing of pool an amusement machines would be the focus of the centre and unlikely to attract older age groups. The tribunal was not satisfied the applicants had sufficient knowledge or where with all required for the successful running of this type of operation. With respect to the objectors, the Tribunal did not accept that a responsibly managed and attractive amusement parlour could not coexist near the adjoining residential area and without detriment to the commercial centre.

At a Council meeting on June 7, 1994 councillors requested a report outlining criteria to be used to assess planning applications for youth entertainment venues given the Tribunal's view that a poorly managed facility in a small neighbourhood shopping centre, particularly in such close proximity to a residential area would not only have the potential to increase perceived youth problems, but could jeopardise the prospects of future proposals.

Ron McCormack moved to Montmorency from Coburg in the early 1980s and from then sat on the bench at Eltham Courthouse when Police requested assistance out of hours, until the eventuial closure of the Courthouse.

Physical description

Colour aerial photograph (1 of 10) of Montmorency Shopping Village (some duplicates) 15 x 20.5 cm