Historical information

This tie was given in 2007 to members of the Melbourne to Warrnambool Society, a support group to assist the Warrnambool Citizens Road Race Committee to stage the Melbourne to Warrnambool Cycle Road Race in that year. This group was operating for some years early in the 21st century and there were some individual members but mostly the members represented businesses and other organizations in Warrnambool and district. The Melbourne to Warrnambool Road Cycling Classic commenced in 1895 and has run annually for most of the years since that date. The race is the second oldest one-day cycling race in the world and the longest one -day race in the Southern Hemisphere.


This tie is of considerable interest as it is a memento of one of the most important events in Warrnambool's sporting calendar, a cycling race known throughout Australia and internationally.

Physical description

This is a man's tie made of polyester material. The tie is navy blue with a pattern in blue, white and yellow, a stylized version of an 'm' and a ''w', representing Melbourne and Warrnambool. It is encased in a clear plastic folder. It has small images of a map of Australia and the logo of the Melbourne to Warrnambool Cycle Road Race.

Inscriptions & markings

Melbourne to Warrnambool Society
Woven and Manufactured in Australia