Historical information

This 1860s book of classic fiction was deemed suitable as a second prize to a student of Latin, Daniel B Sellers. Sellers was a student at the National School in Warrnambool and received this prize in December 1861.

Physical description

Book, brown covers, embossed with borders and patterns and gilt decoration and titles. The book includes illustrations. Handwritten inscription on the front paste-down page. The opposite page has a stamped and a handwritten inscription.
The book was presented as a prize to a Latin student at the National School, Warrnambool in 1861.
Title: Odd People being a Popular Description of Singular Races of Man.
Alternate title: Odd People or Singular Races of Man
Author: Captain Mayne Reid
Publisher: Routledge Warne & Routledge, London
Date: 1860
Further information: additional text on the spine reads 'A Proper Study of Mankind is Man'

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten inscription, seven lines of text: "Second Prize Latin Class gained by Daniel B Sellers. National School Warrnambool. Dec. 1861"
Black ink stamp "000320"
Handwritten in pencil "V.53"