Historical information

Running Creek had a cricket team in 1913-14.


The donor Genieve was the granddaughter of Ella Sullivan. Ella was one of 5 daughters of Denis and Margaret (nee Tolmie) Sullivan who lived at Tawonga (Coral Bank). 'Sullivan's Lane'. Ella married John (Jack) Fahey and they lived for some time at Fahey's Lane, Running Creek. J. Fahey is listed as Captain in the photo. The child's name is not known but it is possible it's Jack's son by the sitting position.

Physical description

Sepia coloured large photo of 13 Cricketers and 2 men, one at each end. Underneath the photo is the name of the event and the names of the cricketers and umpire. The photo is mounted on grey cardboard with 'Vine's Studios' and 'Wangaratta' inscribed.