The King family lived in Tawonga South where my older brother and sister went to school. We lived over the road from Wally Madison's farm. Later when a house became available, we moved into Valley Avenue, Mt Beauty. This is when I turned 5 and started my schooling. It was a long walk for a 5 year old as I remember. Then later we moved to 50 Lakeside Ave. I remember we loved living there as it was close to the school, footy ground and kindergarten.
My father, Ted King, wad a carpenter and was involved in the building of many houses in Mt Beauty which was the home for the workers on the Kiewa Electric Scheme. So as they are part of the history of Mt Beauty I thought they may be useful to you as part of the history. The tennis photos, I vaguely remember Lou Hoad and Ken Rosewell giving exhibition matches in Mt Beauty. I may stand corrected on this, but I do remember my parents who were keen tennis players themselves were most excited at seeing these famous tennis players.
As I was only 9 when we left Mt Beauty to live in Dimboola I still remember the shock of leaving a beautiful mountainous county side and arriving in a flat farming land next to a desert and seeing windmills
One thing I do remember from school is, once a week (or fortnight) the teacher used to come around with a jar of little white pills, of which we were all to take. I really don't know what they were?? or for??
I also remember being taught to swim in the freezing cold river by a Mrs Smith who wore black bathers and wore her hair in a bun......
...I am now in my 70s
My father used to also carve intricate trays and jewellery boxes in his spare time. I think they were used for tennis trophies.
by Diane Werner.

Physical description

x33 photos of small black and white photos of the Tawonga, Tawonga South and Mt Beauty -
Photos not labelled but described as follows. See each photo for a possible label. A. Tawonga? B. Mt Beauty taken on the road to Bogong ? C. SEC Works D. Industrial buildings with mountains in the background E. Building site with wooden frame and 3 men F. Buildings with power poles G. Building site with lots of huts H. Buildings under construction I. Group of houses in the distance J. Group of houses in the distance K. Group of people in front of a building L. Group of 8 men sitting on timber planks, corrugated iron at back. M.& N. Building site with floor and upright timbers O. Mountain view with camp site in foreground P.& Q. Buiding site, several houses R.5 men at a building site S. portable building on trailer T & U. Mountain view V. Building site W. Group of men, car and mountains in background X. Cows Y. Pigs Z. 2 men standing next to cars. AA. Football players BB. Man painting a corrugated iron building CC. Football DD. Men in front of a building EE Buildings with mountains in background FF & GG Tennis payersHH & II. Electricity infrastructure