Historical information

A student production of Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. Possibly dating c. 1990

Physical description

39 Colour Photographs of a Student Production of Joseph At Her Majesty's Theatre Ballarat c. 1990s

.1) Len Bauska (Technician) on a red ladder
.2) Len Bauska
.3) Unknown Student
.4) Unknown Student
.5) Older woman
.6) Rehearsals in Progress
.7) Students in Dressing Room
.8) Two students
.9) Student
.10)Rehearsing in Orchestra Pit
.11) Rehearsing In Orchestra Pit
.12)Rehearsing in Orchestra Pit
.13) Set Design
.15) Two Students
.16) Green Room at Her Majesty's Theatre Ballarat
.17)Directors and students
.18)Len Bauska with Disco Balls
.19)On set with ladder
.21) Making the Technicolour Dreamcoat
.22)Making the Technicolour Dreamcoat
.23) Student making costume
.24)Students making costumes
.26)Students making costumes
.27)Making costumes
.28) Students making costumes
.29) students making costumes
.30) Younger members of the cast
.31) Hair and Makeup
.32)Preparing for a performance
.33)Male cast members
.34) Three cast members
.35) Male cast members in dressing room
.36) Student on phone
.37)Student on phone
.38) Courier poster announcing 6 more nights
.39) Promotional banner for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

- Students in dressing room
- Children on stairs
-Male actor's headshot