Historical information

Honour board recording the winners of the Summer medal and Winter medal events played over a number of weeks each year.
Names listed: 1973 G. Brown, M. Brown
1974 M. Hickey, M, Hickey
1975 J. Moore
1976 E. Stafford, E. Moore
1977 D. Irvine, D. Irvine
1978 M. Brown, N. Scott
1979 J. Neville, J. Neville
1980 J. Moore, L. Cumming
1981 D. Taylor, E. Wright
1982 J. Neville, D. Irvine
1983 M. Kirby, L. Cumming
1984 E. Cumming, J. Neville
1985 R. Reid, P. Punch
1986 S. Phillip, D. Wallace
1987 E. Maloney, H. McCulloch
1988 M. O’Donohue, D Taylor
1989 D. Delaney, D. Hansen
1990 S. Philip, J. Bognor
1991 D. Costin, E. Willox
1992 A. Deppeler, J. Clingan
1993 D. Costin, M. Scouller
1994 B. Day, D. Ryan
1995 J. McKenzie, L. Bourke
1996 I. Younis, K. Adams
1997 I. Younis, D. Roberts
1998 E. Willox, J. Clingan

1999 J. Howe, E. Rundle
2000 J. Howe, M. Bacon
2001 S. Graansma, M. Bacon
2002 A. Corsie, A. Corsie
2003 H. Finlayson, J. Clingan
2004 L. Saunders, V. Convey
2005 K. Burl, L. Bourke
2006 A. Van Dooren, M. Hesketh
2007 J. Stevens, M. Hesketh
2008 E. Willox, J. Cunnington
2009 M. Bacon. M. Hesketh
2010 M. Gordon, M. Smith
2011 H. Finlayson, A. Gilson
2012 M. Gordon, K. McKenzie
2013 L. Roberts, K. McKenzie
2014 K. Burl, M. Gordon
2015 M. Clements, K. Burl
2016 K. Matheson, M. Hammond
2017 K. Robertson, K. Burl
2018 A. Thompson, P. Payne
2019 J. Mounsey, K. Matheson
2020 H. Finlayson, K. Burl
2021 V. Convey,

Physical description

Rectangular shaped timber board with individual nameplates

Inscriptions & markings

Women's Golf Peterborough Medal Board. In Honour of Mary Hughes (Hon Secretary 1982-1993) Donated in Memory by her Family.