Historical information

At the crossover between placemaking and public art, this space designed and constructed by Katherine Masiulanis embeds local stories to enliven the local community centre. Masiulanis has designed the public artwork to reflect the lines of crops and ploughed fields and mountains in the surrounding landscape. The artwork also refers to the seasonal travel of Aboriginal people from Wendouree to Burrumbeet and migratory birds making a similar journey. The style of the refurbished courtyard will reflect the 1970s positivity style reflected in the Community Centre architectural design and the history of the first development of the ‘Village’.
Cardigan Village is home to about 450 residents on the outskirts of Ballarat. It was established in the 70s, with all the positivity and optimism of the period.

Physical description

Painted walls, metal bird shapes, metal cut out wall shapes, stone bowl