Artists statement

“The artwork speaks to the historical architecture of this area, while exploring the idea of changing understanding of space. Space is bent, bulged and repeated, in this painting, like a mirror maze. In this way, it will inspire playfulness, curiosity and thought, by transforming the way we observe, move through and engage with public space”

Historical information

Artist George Goodnow has installed their artwork on the Annex Wall in Alfred Deakin Place from 30th November 2021 - 1 November 2022. George is a multidisciplinary artist and curator currently living in Naarm (Melbourne). Their work for the Annexe Wall will feature a fictional architectural arrangement of the Police Lane site. George utilises painting (designed through hand-drawn and digital processes) to adjust existing architecture, illuminating how spaces reflect, orientate and hold bodies. Recent work explores feelings of disorientation, binaries and queerness within suburban and urban landscapes.

Physical description

painted wall