Artists statement

“The painted works are very intricate to make as I work in various sized brush strokes to make the images appear hand-drawn"

Historical information

This artwork by artwork by Briony Galligan was installed from Friday 20th November 2020 to 1 November 2021. Open Every Door consists of two wall paintings, each will remain at the site for 6 months, and a website publication. In April 2021 Briony installed the second artwork A Lover not a Fighter. Each abstract wall painting references queer histories and art makers, as well as abstract drawings made by Deakin’s Spiritualist contemporaries, such as Georgiana Haughton (1814-1884). The work was part of a City of Ballarat annual commission program to create temporary public artworks in Alfred Deakin Place, Ballarat. The artwork featured on a prominent site near the Art Gallery of Ballarat Annex. Currently a destination for art lovers and students from Federation University’s Arts Academy, Alfred Deakin Place is actively programmed as a space for new and innovative, contemporary public art.

Physical description

painted wall