Historical information

Fred Moore was a long time holiday maker with a house in Robertson St, whose children continue to visit. This event is played on the long weekend in January and is very popular as non handicapped players can play. Draw for partners, no handicaps required, and it is a 12 hole event. It is the only time the practice tee is used in an official event, it is used as the first tee and the first becomes the 10th.
Winners: 1961 F Calvert T Austin 1962 H McCulloch M Howard 1963 F Calvert T Austin, 1964 J Moore J Irvine, 1965 O Horn W Sinclair, 1966 B Nash H Lucas, 1967 P Nash T Austin, 1968 M Moore J Wilson, 1969 J Chirnside J Wilson, 1970 J Gray P Clark, 1971 D Irvine L Hobson, 1972 K Morrison B cook, 1973 G. Paton T Austin, 1974 K Harris DW Rogers, 1975 J Neville DW Rogers, 1976 F Calvert JS Irvine, 1977 S Clark TL Austin, 1978 J McNabb JS Irvine, 1979 S Cole DW Rogers 1890 J. Dowse, M Howard, 1981 N Kirby A Calvert, 1982 D Irvine J Swinnerton, 1983 N Wallace G Smith, 1984 J Armstrong J Mckenzie, 1985 J Howard L King, 1986 J Howard L king, 1987 H McCulloch P Sloan, 1988 W Mactier JS Irvine, 1989 D Irvine J McNab, 1990 D Smith D Whitehead, 1991 V Ryan F Carlin, 1992 V Hocking K Carroll, 1993 L Bourke C Campbell, 1994 M Scouller DH Bradshaw, 1995 R Whitehead M R Beer, 1996 Deb Calvert B Dumesny, 1997 F Beggs MR Beer, 1998 K Derham- Moore J McNab, 1999 A Deppeler G Smith 2000 V Beer T Pekin, 2001 J Hansson DH Bradshaw, 2002 SABeer CW Richmond, 2003 A Christian M Fisher, 2004 M Hesketh M Fisher, 2005 C Bell G Smith, 2006 T Smith P Watson, 2007 K Burl MBeer, 2008 J Manderson M Beer, 2009 A Gilson L Beer, 2010 L Hills B Dumesny, 2011 M Campbell D Dumesny, 2012 V Beer Dumesny, 2013 J Barrett M Bowden, 2014 C Cass G McGorlick, 2015 M McGorlick W Couch, 2016 C Leishman M Fisher 2017 C Bell D Laherty, 2018 J Barrett W Couch, 2019 J Muhor B Dumesny, 2020 M Hammond T Irvine, 2021 K Matheson H Peters


Significant because Fred Moore was a member and great supporter of the Golf Club. That weekend, the Australia Day long weekend, ia always a family weekend - the sandcastle competition is held, the tennis tournament is held, the cricket match against Timboon (played at Port Campbell) is played. This Canadian foursomes golf event is also held on this sporting weekend and is a very popular and social event.

Physical description

Two rectangular wooden honour boards, situated adjacent to each other, wih goldleaf names

Inscriptions & markings

List of winners of the Fred Moore Trophy