Historical information

Ino KIYOSHI (1 (1946-28/09/2008) )
Born Kyoto, Japan

Kiyoshi Ino was born into a family that has been involved in the production of pottery for some 160 years. He working towards a Diploma of Ceramic Arta at the Kyoto School of Arts and Crafts, which he completed in 1969. He then attended the Kyoto Technical School for a post-graduate course in glazing, and was laer appointed lecturer in Ceramics at the Kyoto Technical School.

After completing a study tour of China and Taiwan, Ino was one of a group of Japanese potters that travelled to Australia from the 1970s onwards following in the footsteps of the famous Japanese potter, Shoji Hamada who Kyoshi visited in 1965. Kiyoshi Ino visited Sydney in 1973, where he worked with Japanese potter Shigeo Shiga.

Between 1974 and 1976 Kyoshi took up an appointment as Visiting Lecturer in Ceramics at the Gippsland Institute of Technical Education, returning there as Assistant to the Senior Lecturer in Ceramics in 1979. He left Gippsland Institute in 1988.

Ino was involved in the establishment of a space for artists in the old butter factory at the nearby township of Yinnar and in 1982 the Yinnar Art Resource Collective, commonly known as Yinnar ARC, was established.

Physical description

Glazed vessel