Historical information

Brenda Smith's parents lived throuh two World Wars and the Depression. As an adult migrant arriving in Australia from England in 1970, when she looked back she realised her family spoke very little about what they had endured and she was not even aware of them going through the Spanish Flu pandemic. Smith has written a diary since 2009 and as a consquence of her family's earlier experiences with similar but lack of documentation and stories passed on, was determined to chronicle her experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic covering 2020-2021. This pandemic continues unabated in its third year (2022).


The journal documents the daily life of living through the COVID-19 pandemic and the influences it had uopon the local community from both locally and interantionally

Physical description

18.4 x 14.0 x 2.0 cm softback; 372 pages; illustrated