Historical information

This sports coat was made at a Fletcher Jones factory about the 1970s. David Fletcher Jones (1895-1977) served in World War One and in the 1920s set up as a travelling hawker selling drapery in Western Victoria. In 1924 he leased three shops in Liebig Street, Warrnambool and in 1928 opened his Man's Shop at the intersection of Koroit/Liebig Streets. He manufactured men's clothing on site in a new building erected in 1931. In 1946 a Fletcher Jones shop was opened in Melbourne and in 1948 a factory was established in Warrnambool with a new company Fletcher Jones and Staff established in 1951.This company then operated in other States and known Australia-wide firstly for its production of men's trousers and later for men's and women's clothing. By 2011 the Warrnambool factory was closed and the company dissolved. This coat was bought by Lew Officer, a member of a family with pastoral interests in the Western District.


This item is of considerable historical interest as an example of the high quality work produced by the Fletcher Jones and Staff Clothing Stores. This company was a key industry in Warrnambool in the 20th century

Physical description

This is a man's sports coat made of Harris tweed hand woven in the Outer Hebrides made from Scottish-grown wool. The checked material is in brown tonings. The coat has a brown material lining and there are two brown buttons down the front and two on each sleeve. The collar has a grey felt lining.