Historical information

It is the policy of the Government that most of the State's alpine area will be proclaimed as an Alpine National Park, which would complement the Kosciusko National Park in N.S.W.. This is yet to be achieved (1987), however there is a need for sound, efficient and coordinated management based on the area's natural features, values and uses. Planning is proceeding on this basis.


Victoria's alpine area is one of the State's most outstanding and spectacular natural areas. It is noted for its diverse plant and animal life, scenery, recreation opportunities and as a water catchment. This country is at the upper end of the Kiewa Valley and the planning for it is of interest to the Kiewa Valley inhabitants.

Physical description

White bound book with green print for title at the top, black & white picture and black print at the bottom for the name of the government authority publishing the book.143 pages with fold out map after page 7. The map is coloured green to indicate the planning area.