Historical information

Blackout light (headlamp) covers were compulsory for civilian night driving during WW II. This example appears to closely follow the pattern suggested by the Department of Home Security for civilian motor vehicles, and appears to be for older, pre-war type vehicles, where the headlights were not integral to the front of the vehicle (Ref. Australian War Memorial)
A.G. Cookson was the maker.


Bogong village SECV employees manned an Observation Hut during WW 2. The SECV vehicles and their employees would have used vehicle blackout light covers on their cars when driving at night.

Physical description

Stitched brown leather disc cover with metal light shield over a central slit. Below this is a 25 mm white semi-translucent light diffuser. Includes leather attachment and leather straps at rear.

Inscriptions & markings

A.G. Cookson embossed above the shield above the slit.