Historical information

Safety helmets were used by workers on the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme.


While working at McKay Creek Power Station, Alec Menzies was hit on the head with a rock and fell about 10 metres. Luckily he survived, and after a stint in hospital he was admitted to what was known as the Turtle Club. Ref. Mal Menzies, his son.

Physical description

Cream coloured safety helmet with 3 ridges at the top from back to front. It is light in weight. Inside has an attached cloth band with 'netting' of 6 straps attached to band and an inner band. Underneath the shade, at the front, it is coloured green.

Inscriptions & markings

Centre front - a sticker - "Member/ Turtle Club. Inside: embossed an oval shape with 'hard/soiled' in its middle and underneath also embossed E.D. Bullard Co. / S.F. U.S.A.