Historical information

The First Australian Exhibition of Women's Work was held at the Exhibition Building, Melbourne, from 23 October to 30 November 1907. It was opened by by Lady Northcote (the wife of Australia’s Governor General) and Pattie Deakin (wife of the Prime Minister), who also ran a model creche during the exhibition. The five week exhibition showcased the work of women musicians, artists and craftswomen with over 16,000 exhibits in all fields of artistic endeavour. It was attended by approximately 250,000 people. Exhibits were divided into Classes, including Fine Arts; Applied Arts; Photography; Plain Needlework; Cookery, Preserves and Laundry Work; Horticulture; and Medical and Nursing. This item was owned by Mrs. Alice Yardy nee Dinsmore, mother of Mrs. Jean Raper.


This item is from Raper Collection donated to the Wodonga Historical Society by Mrs. Jean Raper.

Physical description

A small green glass vase with gilt edge which was produced as a souvenir of the Australian Exhibition of Women's Work held at the Exhibition Building in Melbourne in 1907. It has been inscribed in gold lettering.

Inscriptions & markings

"Alice Women's Exhibition 1907"