Historical information

Kerosene lamps were used as a main source of lighting throughout Australia prior to the supply of domestic electrical services. This was obviously later in many rural areas. This lamp was used in the home of Mrs. Gina Elizabeth Harris of Bethanga in Northeast Victoria where electricity was connected on 23 March 1959.


This lamp is representative of the lamps used throughout Australia prior to the introduction of domestic electricity supplies.

Physical description

This vintage kerosene lamp is model No. 21 which was manufactured by Aladdin Industries in Greenford, Middlesex, England in the 1950s. Base stems were mostly made from wood, turned into several different patterns. More expensive table lamp stems were of metal. Bases were mostly steel filled with sand as a weight. When Bakelite became available it was used extensively in three different colours, although collectors say that white bases were used primarily in hospitals and churches and are more rare.

Inscriptions & markings

On wick knob: "21/Aladdin Industries Ltd/GREENFORD"
Inscribed around burner: "GB Patent No 9. 69-4273-4"