Historical information

This item advertises and describes a power pumping head and other products made by Alderdice Brassfounders of Warrnambool. Brothers William and Charles Downing came from Melbourne to Warrnambool in 1898 and established the Atlas Brassworks. In 1901, with the involvement of John Alderdice, the Downing brothers began the Alderdice Brassfounders Company situated at 64 Henna Street in Warrnambool, the site of an old cordial factory. This business which produces fittings used in farming, factories, public utilities, Government departments etc., still operates at the same address.


This item is of considerable interest as an early example of the the business activities of Alderdice Brassfounders Co., a prominent business in Warrnambool for over 120 years.

Physical description

This is a sheet of paper describing a power pumping head one side and other products of the Alderdice Brassfounders Company on the other. It contains black printing and black and white illustrations on both sides of the paper. Three of the illustrated items have been crossed out.