Historical information

These three items are prescription books from a local Warrnambool chemist or chemists. The dates are 1895 to 1905, 1915 to 1918 and 1931 to 1935. The ledgers are untitled but at least one may come from the firm of R.F. Kennedy & Co, with this business situated in Timor Street. Richard Frank Kennedy commenced business in Warrnambool in 1880 as a wholesale, retail and manufacturing chemist and built up a large and important business. He died in 1903 but the business continued for many years with various chemists operating the business known as R.F.Kennedy and Co.


These prescription books are of considerable interest as they contain many local names and the prescriptions give us an insight into aspects of community health early in the 20th century

Physical description

.1 A ledger of 502 pages with a hardboard cover, remnants of a spine with a red label, ruled pages with handwritten material in ink and an alphabetical index at the front.
.2 A ledger of 502 pages with a tattered cover and leather binding and gold lettering on the spine. The pages are ruled with handwritten material in ink and an alphabetical index
.3 A ledger of 500 pages with a hardboard cover. The spine is almost completely missing. The pages contain an alphabetical index, ruled red lines and handwritten material in ink.

Inscriptions & markings

Prescription Book