Historical information

This National Trust Register of Significant Trees in the Ballarat Botanical Gardens is an important part of Ballarat's history. Unfortunately, since 1983, some of the trees listed have died or been removed.


The Ballarat Botanical Gardens has a unique collection of trees which testify to the knowledge and enthusiasm of the Curators, City fathers and Gardeners in their development of the Gardens in earlier years, especially in the nineteenth century.

Physical description

1 sheet of paper with three lists of the trees and the number of them in the Gardens. (1 copy)

Inscriptions & markings

Draft printed in red under main heading. In black biro, written on the first entry, "no on map". 10th entry (Sierra Redwood) number scribbled over and "outside gate" written. 14th entry (Horizontal Elm) "3 on list, 1dead". 15th entry (Horizontal Elm) "W of 17".