Historical information

E3094.18.1.1 and E3094.18.1.2 are issued by the Methodist Young People's Department. E3094.18.1.3 is issued by the Methodist Girl's Comradeship Province of Victoria and Tasmania conducted under the authority of the Young People's Department.

Physical description

Three card warrants.
E3094.18.1.1 and E3094.18.1.2 Buff coloured card with black text and blue ink handwriting. Both cards have a Methodist Girls' Comradeship rubber stamp imprint.
E3094.18.1.3 Light blue card with black text, the Methodist Girls' Comradeship emblem and blue ink handwriting.

Inscriptions & markings

E3094.18.1.1 "Miss W Warner" "Director of MGC Branch No. 21 "Dahlia" "Charles Gallacher" "21.4.1947"
E3094.18.1.2 "Miss W. Warner" "Director of the "Dahlia" Branch Hampton M.G.C." "Charles Gallacher" "8.3.1948"
E3094.18.1.3 "Win Warner" "Director" "Dahlia" "21" "26th March, 1956"