Historical information

These photographs of the Army Survey Regiment’s Commissioned Officers were taken circa 1962-1965, 1972 and circa 1973-1974. Officer appointments to the Army Svy Regt were typically the CO, 2IC, Adjutant; and an OC, 2IC and Troop Officers assigned to the Headquarters, Topographic/Air Survey, Cartographic and Lithographic Squadrons. RAN and RAAF liaison officers were usually appointed to the Regiment; and occasionally exchange officers from other Corps, the USA or UK.

Physical description

This is a set of photographs of RASvy Officers posted to the Army Survey Regiment, Bendigo. The photographs were printed on photographic paper and are part of the Army Survey Regiment’s Collection. The photographs were scanned at 300 dpi.
.1) Photo, black & white c1962-1965. Back row – L to R: 3rd LT Jorge Gruszka, 5th CAPT Peter Constantine. Front row – 1st CAPT Carol Castor, L to R: 3rd MAJ Bill Howarth, 4th LTCOL Frank Buckland OBE, 5th COL Don Macdonald AM, 7th MAJ John Nolan, 8th MAJ Bob Skitch
.2) Photo, black & white, c1972. Back row – L to R: CAPT Jack Gore, LT Royal, FLT Sinclair, LT Fred Brown, LT John Winzar, LT Gary Kenney, LT Reg Smith, 2LT Terry Edwards, LT Bob Roche. Front row – L to R: CAPT McNeale, 2LT William, MAJ Keith Todd, MAJ Don Ridge, LTCOL Bill Howarth, MAJ Brian Dalton, MAJ John Bullen, LT C. Chittleborough, LT Bailey
.3) Photo, black & white c1972. Back row – L to R: 1st 2LT Terry Edwards, 7th LT Gary Kenney, 9th LT Bob Roche. Front row – L to R: 1st CAPT Jack Gore, 3rd LT Bailey, 4th MAJ Keith Todd, 5th MAJ Don Ridge, 6th LTCOL Bill Howarth, 7th MAJ Brian Dalton, 8th MAJ John Bullen, 9th FLT Sinclair, 10th CAPT McNeale.
.4) Photo, black & white, c1972. Personnel named as per .3)
.5) Photo, black & white, c1973-1974. Back row – L to R: 1st LT Graham Baker, 7th CAPT Reg Smith, 8th LT Terry Edwards. Front row – L to R: 3rd MAJ Peter Constantine, 4th LTCOL Don Ridge 5th MAJ John Bullen
.6) Photo, colour print of .5), c1973-1974 Personnel named as per .5)

Inscriptions & markings

.1 no annotation, .2 Personnel (surnames, no rank) annotated on back, .3 to .6 no annotation