Historical information

This towel is a souvenir of the Centenary of Victoria celebrated in 1934. It marks the centenary of the officially-recognized first permanent European settlement at Portland with the arrival of the Henty families in 1834 in Victoria (then known as the colony of Port Phillip). European settlement occurred at Melbourne in the following year. This towel is one of many souvenir items produced in 1934.


This towel is of minor interest as a memento of the centenary of Victoria. It is a comparatively rare souvenir of that event as towels such as this would have been used and most would not have survived for nearly 90 years.

Physical description

This is a white cotton towel with a white fringe at both ends. There is a red strip down the centre of the back of the towel with red lettering in this strip down the front of the towel.The maker's name is stitched into one corner.

Inscriptions & markings

Centenary 1934