Historical information

These photographs were most likely taken in 1965, on possibly two separate occasions of an Australian Army General’s visit to the Army Survey Regiment, Fortuna, Bendigo. As there are no annotations on the photos, the exact date and the names of the Generals are unknown. Some RASvy personnel are positively identified. The technical tour included the photogrammetric and printing areas of the Regiment. The newly introduced Wild B8 stereo plotter featured in photo .2P and the M.A.N. Ultraman 3 Offset printing press probably featured in the background of photos .3P and .5P.

Physical description

This is a set of photographs of a visiting Australian Army General’s technical tour of the Army Survey Regiment, Bendigo. The photographs were printed on photographic paper and are part of the Army Survey Regiment’s Collection. The photographs were scanned at 300 dpi.
.1) Photo, black & white, c1965. L to R: unidentified General, CAPT Carol Castor
.2) Photo, black & white, c1965. L to R: unidentified, unidentified General, Director Survey - COL Don Macdonald AM, CO – LTCOL Frank Buckland OBE
.3) Photo, black & white, c1965. L to R: 2LT Dennis Puniard, unidentified, unidentified General, CAPT Reg Smith, MAJ Don Ridge, WO1 Aub Harvey
.4) Photo, black & white, c1965. L to R: CAPT Reg Smith
.5) Photo, black & white, c1965. L to R: WO2 Ken Rich, unidentified General, MAJ Bill Howarth

Inscriptions & markings

.1 to .5 - annotated “Visit by General”