Historical information

This bundel of twenty pages of meteorological observations covers the period between March 1947 and April 1948 but there are some gaps. The bundle includes handwritten records on pre-printed forms from the Commonwealth Government and brief records on plain paper. There are calculations for monthly totals of information such as rainfall, and there are some comparisons between the years. One of the forms has handwriting in three directions, which is quite unusual.

Readings were recorded daily for barometer, temperature and wind. There was also a section for comments on Exceptional Phenomena such as storms and fog. . It was one of the many duties of the Lighthouse Keeper or his Assistant to keep these records and make the mathematical calculations required by the Government. Information gathered from Lighthouse Keepers' letters tells of the large amount of time taken for this detailed work and the lack of payment made for such a responsibility.

The quite detailed record for May, June and July 1947 were signed by C Carrington, Harbour Master for Warrnambool. Captain Carrington was responsible to the Harborus Board. He was responsibilite for the fortnightly training of the Warrnambool Lifeboat Crew on the practice of lifesaving and using the Rocket Rescue equipment.


These Meteorological Observations are an important accurate record of the local weather since the late 1899s. They are part of Flagstaff Hill's Meteorological Observations collection of over seventy record books dating from the late 19th century. The collected information gives a picture of the weather patterns for the months and seasons, which then allows for warnings of events out of the normal or extreme, such as forecasting floods or droughts.

Physical description

Meteorological Observations for Warrnambool March 1947 to May 1948.
A bundle of unbound sheets of paper joined at the top left corner with a metal fastener. The pages are ordered from most recent on top to the oldest on bottom. The older records are on pre-printed forms and include many handwritten details. The more recent records are handwritten on plain paper. There is a line for each day of the month and lines for calculations at the bottom of the page. The handwritten Information includes readings for Barometer, Temperature, Wind and Rain.

Inscriptions & markings