Historical information

The stone wall is part of the terraces that were built into the hillside at the winery at Goonawarra. They were constructed in the early days when the vineyard was established to terrace the hillside for growing vines. The winery was originally established by Joh Goodall Francis, a former member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly. He acquired a parcel of crown land and proceeded to develop it as a vineyard. The terraces were built by vignerons, who were employed to work on the property.


Goonawarra Winery was one of a number of vineyards that were established in the Sunbury area in the 1800s. The volcanic soil and temperate climate were ideal for grape growing.

Physical description

A coloured photograph of a stone wall with a notice to the left of the wall and long dried grassland in the front. A barbed wire fence is in the foreground.