Historical information

The Open Women's Championship is open to players from other clubs as well as Peterborough players. The honourboard and original trophy tray was presented by Dawn Irvine. When there was no room for more names, a second tray was presented by Pam Bradshaw, for her mother Dawn Irvine.
Open women's championship 1995 V. Beer, 1996 E Willox, 1997 S Beer, 1998 V. Beer, 1999 L Bourke, 2000 R Whitehead, 2001 F Rundle, 2002 SBA 2003 S. Beer, 2004 S Beer, 2005 S. Beer, 2006, D Robinson, 2007 S. Beer, 2008 F Rundle, 2009 T Carter, 2010 D Robinson, 2011 J Barrett, 2012 M Ryan, 2013 F Mead, 2014 R Whitehead, 2015 K. Matheson, 2016 K Matheson 2017 S Bernhard,t 2018 M Ryan, 2019 J Walsh, 2020 COVID-19, 2021 F Philip.


This is significant as it records the winners of this event over the years. It is also a record of the year the event started

Physical description

Square shaped honour board with gold printing. Two round silver plated trays, with names engraved

Inscriptions & markings

Names of winners printed on board - listed below