Historical information

Tony Carberry and J. Jolly
The Eltham-Yarra Glen Road as designated originated at the Shire of Eltham boundary at the Plenty River. West of the river the road was known as the Heidelberg-Eltham Road. The section from the Plenty River is now known as Lower Plenty Road which becomes Main Road.
The footbridge no longer exists but was originally sited to the south, adjacent to the old Lower Plenty Bridge, now part of the Plenty River Trail.


Record of various Shire of Eltham infrastructure works undertaken during the period of 1952-1962 involving bridge and road reconstruction projects, sometimes with Eltham Shire Council Project Reference numbers quoted. It was during this period that a number of significant improvements were made to roads and new bridges constructed within the shire that remain in place as of present day (2022). In many situations, the photos provide a tangible visible record of infrastructure that existed throughout the early days of the Shire. The album was put together by or under the direction of the Shire Engineer, J.A. McDonald.

Physical description

Medium format 120/Kodak 620 6x6 cm black and white negative (1 of 12) contained with Kodak processing envelope with various inscriptions and markings

Originally inserted loose with other processing envelopes of negatives and prints within a binder of 78 foolscap pages containing a sequence of photos, adhered via glue or sticky tape, with typed or handwritten headings and captions in pencil, contained in a green foolscap binder with spring clasp spine for retaining loose pages.