Historical information

Informal 12 hole golf event, played on Grand Final weekend. This event was started by a group of friends when there were few official golf tournaments played at Peterborough. The event was a stroke event with "mystery handicaps" ie you didn't know your handicap until you finished playing. The event was played on the Sunday of Grand Final weekend (except initially); Friday night traditionally was tea at Boggy Creek Pub and a Fishing Comp on Saturday.
The name came about because three of the regular players, Ivan Voss, Bob Loader and R. McKendrick had a hut at the top of the dunes near Crofts Bay. They had a clinker boat on the beach as well. They subsequently built a house in Childers St. It ceased when the original participants were no longer able to play. The date of the first winner is 1980, last recorded winner is 1995. No longer played. further information required. Winners: 2nd August 1980 F. Virgona, 8th March 1981, R Case 25th September 1982, E Brierly 24th September 1983, R Mckendrick, 28th September 1984 D Stead, 28th September 1985 I Turnbull, 27th September 1986 J Charles, 26th September 1987 I Voss, 1988 no winner, 1989 F Carlin, 1990 B Turner, 1991 R Pollock, 1992 S McGuire 25th September 1993 B haskett 1st of october 1994 R pollock 30th of september 1995.

Physical description

Shortened golf driver and cracked ball mounted upon a wooden base with names engraved on metal surround.

Inscriptions & markings

Engraved names, listed below, on metal plate affixed to the base.