Historical information

The Fred Moore trophy is held on Australia Day long weekend. This trophy commemorates the losers, ie the highest score of the day over 12 holes. It began in 1967, and continues. Believed to be donated by Bill Cumming to honour the effort of the players. The event is a non handicap game, so anyone can play, not necessarily golfers. It is still quite a coveted prize. The names on this trophy are not generally found on any other trophies! 1967 L Gatenby G Irvine, 1968 F McIntosh D Morrison, 1969 R Richmond J Wilson, 1970 S Cumming D Urquhart, 1971 S Wilcocks M Koser, 1972 J Murnane D Urquhart, 1973 a. Urquhart P Calvert, 1974 D Mercer A Richmond, 1975 J chirnside D Urquhart, 1976 D McKenzie E Stansfield, 1977 R.A.G Chirnside J Jamison, 1978 T Durham A affleck, 1979 R Grice J.A.S. Chirnside, 1980 WR Jamieson D Calvert, 1981 M Fogarty T Durham, 1982 R Chirnside D Moyle, 1983 T Durham L Cummins, 1984 K Moore P Gray ,1985 I chalingsworth N Kirby, 1986 L Brown C McKenzie, 1987 N Porteous J Gilder, 1988 J Porteous D Morrison, 1989 S Wilkinson T Calvert, 1990 N Gransmaa B Richmond, 1991 K Moore J Pangrazio, 1992 J Fullerton- Healy H McFarlane, 1993 H McCulloch and J Kelly, 1994 A McQueen HW Ryan, 1995 K Reggall J Agar, 1996 Deb Bradshaw D Howe, 1997 J Wilson C Emerson, 1998 N Porteous J Dyson, 1999 G McFeeter K Wallice, 2000 Anthony bell Di Whittaker, 2001 T Smith J Irvine, 2002 Patrick Moore Jill Wilson, 2003 D Howe M Watson, 2004 J Porteous D Fisher, 2005 S Heatherly R Densley, 2006 A Finlay G Burns, 2007 A Campbell M Valmorbida, 2008 S Paton J Austin, 2009 C Ross T Dean, 2010 C McPherson A Cooper, 2011 R Lidgerwood Z Baker, 2012 N Robinson T Custance, 2013 D Hay CW Richmond, 2014 E Chartres A Littlechild, 2015 T Clark M Pithie, 2016 A Campbell J Roxburgh, 2017 P devilee S Borghero, 2018 A Austin H Cumming, 2019 J Brown F Devilee, 2020 R Bell O Wilson, 2021 P Moore S Towell,.


The trophy is important because it represents the fact that its a fun, all inclusive day celebrating the Peterborough Golf Club, members and non members, winners and losers!

Physical description

Wooden spoon mounted in a plinth, with metal name plates around the base. the original base was round, with one round base added, and a square base added, to provide more space for the names.

Inscriptions & markings

Name and dates inscribed on nameplates