Historical information

Situated originally on the corner of the Dalton Street road reserve west of Main Road (now present-day Wingrove Park Trail), the former Jarrold Cottage (White Cloud) was purchased by Lena Skipper following Thekla Jarrold's death in 1943. It was built by William Jarrold in the early 1850s and was here that he married Hannah Coleman in 1856.

The Bootmaker's shop was built by Thekla Jarrold in 1930 for use by her friend, John Clark, a local photographer who had boarded with the Jarrold family since about 1910. In 1930 he changed profession to a bootmaker and leather worker. The shop is one of only three remaining early 20th century shops in what was Little Eltham, the others being present-day San Antionio Barber Shop at 820 Main Road and Cafe Zen Den at 736 Main Road.

Physical description

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