Historical information

Jarrold Cottage built c.1853, also known as 'White Cloud", located at 701 Main Road, Eltham, opposite Dalton Street. The house remains intact and is listed on the Victorian Heritage Database and considered historically significant to the Shire of Nillumbik. The cottage was originally located closer to the Diamond Creek but was subject to flooding. It was dragged by horse to the present site shown, which was chosen for the higher ground that had been created as a result of land fill being deposited here from the quarry further around the bend on Main Road (site of present-day Eltham Primary School carpark) where the stone had been quarried for building the State School in Dalton Street. It had previously been rented for use as a Police Station / residence prior to the building of the permanent police house and station at the corner of Maria and Brougham streets in 1859. The cottage was purchased by Lena Skipper after the death of Thekla Jarrold in 1943 and remains in the family to present day (2022).

Part of a presentation by Peter Pidgeon to the Society, 13 August 2022 showcasing a series of photographs taken by John Henry Clark over the period 1895 to 1930.

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