Historical information

The 38 Bn AIF was raised in Bendigo 1916. After WW1 the local C.M.F. ZUnit became the 38 Bn Northern Victorian Regiment. It was shut down in 1962.

Physical description

1. B & W Photo of 38 Bn Colours, being marched with a colour party past the fountain at Charing Cross, Bendigo. The soldier's uniform is battledress, slouch hat, and black boots. They have .303 rifles at the slope.
2. B & W photo taken in front of the 38 Bn colour party. There are civilians lining the march. The soldiers are in battle dress slouch hats with .303 rifles at the slope arms position.

Inscriptions & markings

1. Rear - "38th B colour party. Colours represent the dead and are guarded and carried by escort. 1 WO, 1 set 2 Officers. Queens colours carried by Senior Officer and Junior carries Battalion Colours. ANZAC 1950"