Historical information

The 38 Bn C.M.F. was known as the Northern Victorian Regiment.
General Sir Dallas Brooks was Governor of Victoria 1949-1963.

Physical description

1. B & W photo shows Gov. Sir Dallas Brooks inspecting members of 38 Bn. The soldiers are wearing battle dress and slouch hats. The men are standing to attention with their .303 Enfield rifles. Thge escorting officer with sword drawn is Captain Russ Emond.

2. B & W photo of Sir Dallas Brooks talking to a Warrant officer. The escorting officer is Captain Russ Emond (WW2 Veteran). The governor is in civvies, the soldiers are in battle dress.

Inscriptions & markings

1. Written on rear is AC148.
2. Written on the rear in ink - Sir Dallas Brooks? Talking to H. Burrell. Capt Russ Emond.