Historical information

William Digges Latouche Balden was an 18 year-old cadet on the Samarkund. He and three other crew members: William Archibald Jones, 35 (ship mate), Christopher Ewbank, 19 (third officer) and George P. Worsp, 45 (chief steward) died of oxygen starvation in the ballast tank of the ship on 20 August 1945 while in Geelong.
Padre Oliver delivered a service in the St Peter chapel, on the 26th of August 1945, in the 4 men's memory.

The window commissionned by his parents, was made by William Aikman (1868-1959), a reknown scottish stained-glass artist, and sent from England. Padre Oliver had met them during a voyage to England. It was unveiled on the 10 April 1949.

Physical description

Arched windows depicting St Nicholas, patron Saint of Ships and Sailors, floating on the sea with a gallon shilling in the background. The small portrait of William Digges La Touche Balden, set within a laurel wreath in the window’s lower section.