Historical information

The Anti-moth crystals were sold with the Electrolux Vacuum, along with the many other attachments, including the vaporiser. The crystals were made of paradichlorobenzene which is used in mothballs. Electrolux, founded in Sweden, has been manufacturing vacuum cleaners since 1919.


Electrolux Pty Ltd used 'door to door' salesmen to sell their labour saving products to housewives in the City of Moorabbin and throughout Victoria c 1950

Physical description

Metal tin with blue metal lid and red and white label

Inscriptions & markings

FRONT: Electrolux Anti-Moth Crystals.
BACK: Poisonous - Not to be taken - Electrolux Pty. Ltd., Melbourne - When used in conjunction with the vaporiser supplied with the Electrolux cleaner in this tin, Electrolux anti-moth crystals will destroy moths and moth larvae and are also effective against silverfish and other similar pests. Crystals or vapour will not harm fabrics in any way. Keep tin in cool place. - Kills Moths